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Borovetz is the biggest mountain resort in Bulgaria. Situated at 1350 m above the sea level on the northern slopes of the Rila Mountain among age-old pine woods, Borovetz is located at the foot of the Moussala peak (2925 m) - the highest one on the Balkan Peninsula. Borovetz is easily accessible, being at a distance of 75 km from Sofia, 125 km from Plovdiv and only 11 km of Samokov. Borovetz offers splendid opportunities for holidays in all the year round. The summer is cool and the snowy winter – soft. 
The healthy climate changes it in desired place for any holidays. Borovetz is the Alpine resort among Bulgarian winter resort, providing excellent opportunities for the whole range of winter sports - skiing, ski - jumping, biathlon and why Borovetz has twice been host to the World Cup skiing -- Alpine disciplies.


Borovetz is the oldest Bulgarian resort, which dates back to 1896, when the mayor of the town of Samokov built a wooden cabin to help cure his wife, who suffered from tuberculosis. The resort was known under the name of Chamkoria, which translated from Turkish means "Pine forest". 
At the beginning of the 20th century Kniaz Ferdinand initiated the building of three palaces - Bistritsa, Sitnyakovo and Saragyol, as well as of Yastrebets Mountain Hut, and thus marks the birth of the attractive mountain resort. 
Borovetz is the first international mountain resort in Bulgaria. Borovetz is providing excellent opportunities for the whole range of winter sports - from Alpine sports to cross- country skiing, ski jumps and biathlon. The resort twice hosted World Cup Alpine skiing rounds, while the biathlon track is one of the best in the world. Here any summer have the biggest car’s contest in Bulgaria – a tour of European championship.


The town of Samokov (29 987 inhabitants, 950m. altitude) is situated at the Northern foot of Rila mountain, at 60 km. to the south – east of Sofia and at 12 km. to the north – west of Borovetz resort. The past of the town is related to iron-mining. Before long time, there was a Roman colony, and the present town originated much later – at the beginning of the 14 th century as an ore-mining settlement. At that time, Bulgarian have been in direct contact with the West – European minors – Saxons, called Sasi, and in their model, Saxon were introduced the furnaces and workshops with blowers and big hammers, set in motion by water power. When the Turks conquered the town (1372), Samoкov was an economical and cultural centre. The first printing house of Nikola Karastoyanov was opened here in 1827. It is not a coincidence that in the end of 18 th and the beginning of the 19 th century here was founded the biggest and the most modern art school in the country. Some of the most famous Bulgarian painters, as Christo Dimitrov and his sons Dimitar and Zahary Zagraf, Ivan I Nikola Obrazopisovi and others, were born and have worked in Samokov. Konstantin Fotinov, the founder of the first Bulgarian magazine “Ljuboslovie” (1844) was also born in Samokov. Here was initiated the struggle for an independent Bulgarian church.